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Entrepreneurship is lonely
and it's high risk.
it's hard work growing a co.

that is what's now given rise to a new community...

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A new movement of CEOs and entrepreneurs from different (noncompeting) companies have joined together to create a new confidential think tank that's a sounding board made up of like-minded risk takers. They all leverage each other's past experiences, ideas, different skill sets and connections so they can get more organized, delegate better, become more focused, learn new strategies and grow their companies.

12 Mavens is not for everyone though, and many entrepreneurs / CEOs who come here and apply to get in actually aren’t accepted.

For those who do get in, you'll soon be able to brainstorm, solve problems, fix frustrations, exchange ideas and connect with some of the fastest growing business owners and CEOs who are all continuously helping each other solve their problems and become more and more profitable.

So what exactly is "12 Mavens"?

12 Mavens is the opportunity to exchange ideas and strategies, combine connections and resources with some of the most brilliant, successful business minds in the country.




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As An Owner / CEO

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Andrew Carnegie’s Mastermind Alliance

Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest men in history publicly attributed his entire fortune to being in his "mastermind alliance" of about 15 people who he met with and exchanged ideas with regularly.

Fortune 500 companies understand the necessity and importance of putting together a board to help navigate an organization, but for some reason, most business owners and CEOs struggle through important decisions alone without outside counsel usually paying the price financially, emotionally and ultimately physically.

What if a similar group to Carnegie’s mastermind alliance existed today and what if you could leverage it too?

That's exactly what we’ve put together.
You want more out of your business or you wouldn't still be reading this. Since you are still reading this, then something is obviously resonating with you.

So if you’re even mildly curious about becoming a part of our inner circle of CEOs, or you want to find out which of the groups your co. size fits best in, or you just want to take a look inside the site and leave, come on in and look all around to see what life is like in 12 Mavens.

When you do come inside you'll get a short free book called “The 12 Best Ways To Double Your Business”.

Click the button a little further down and we’ll see you on the other side.

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