We help CEOs like you build more scalable and saleable companies.

Twelve Mavens brings together voices with experience, wisdom and trust
to help you navigate your risks, vet assumptions and avoid costly mistakes.

We’re a different kind of CEO peer group.

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The easiest way to grow a business.

Once a month you’ll join other CEOs who are leveraging their combined experience, connections, and resources to problem-solve, ideate, and progress.

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“I would recommend Twelve Mavens to anyone interested in being part of a CEO group.”

- Paul Bertozi, Became #34 on Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies in America

Why Twelve Mavens? Strength in Numbers.

No CEO can match the experience, resources, and combined wisdom of a unified group of their peers.

What is your biggest business challenge as an executive?

  • I can’t find good people.
  • I can't fund my own growth.
  • I work way too many hours!

Imagine having a small group of sharp, successful CEOs all weighing in on that challenge with you! Peers who have put in the work are there to offer outside perspectives, new ideas, and invaluable suggestions!

Your Twelve Mavens CEO Peer group is a guide for growth unlike anything you've ever experienced.

Are you ready to join your CEO Peers for a monthly roundtable?

In addition to your peer group, with help from top experts, you'll focus on your vision, scale faster, and ultimately build a more saleable company.

Plus, our meetings are professionally facilitated and confidential.

“Being in Twelve Mavens was definitely the catalyst to get to the top of the Business Journal list of Fastest Growing Companies - thank you for all your help!!”

- Tamara G Baker, Became The #1 Fastest Growing Business In Florida

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Our members are primarily running $5M-$100M companies
Tell us more about your business and learn more about coming to a first meeting risk free.

Twelve Mavens Membership Benefits

When you join the Twelve Mavens CEO Peer Group, your membership includes:


Monthly Roundtables

Join us in a small, intimate group setting with an expert facilitator.


Confidential Environment

All of our CEO members sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.


Reserved Spot

In a core group of peer CEOs from non-competing companies.

Access Our Member-Exclusive Online Resource Center

  • Recordings of all previous events, Q&As and interviews.
  • Member directory of CEOs in the community.
  • Topic-specific downloadable business workbooks.
  • Library of vetted tools for smart entrepreneurs.
  • Online courses for busy CEOs
  • Free audiobooks every month with a 'paid for you' subscription to Audible included.

Plus access to...

  • 2 Full Admission passes to 'Plan The Attack' our annual CEO event each December included! $1,000 per person at the door
  • Full Admission for 2 to Plan The Attack's legendary VIP Food & Wine Reception after the event ends. $195 per ticket value
  • Monthly LIVE expert 'Ask Anything' events and interactive Q&As with highly successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, and top business experts.

Here’s How You’ll Grow With Us

Our members regularly share that joining has brought them results.
As a Twelve Mavens Peer CEO, you can expect to improve in each of these ways:

Find and Retain
Better Hires

Pick the brains of top experts on hiring and retaining talent.

Escape the
Day to Day Minutia

Work with entrepreneurs who have transitioned from overworked to owning a business that runs without them.

Fill Your Funnel
with Better Leads

Hear what's working RIGHT NOW from expert marketers. Not what worked 2 months ago.

Become a Better Leader and Communicator

Be the kind of leader that your people will want to follow into every battle.

Know Your Numbers

Pick up new ways of accessing capital and managing it more effectively. Become a master of managing your cashflow.

Increase Your Sales Volume

Tap in to the latest tools, techniques and strategies to improve your sales numbers day in and day out.

Reduce Burnout and Anxiety

We all need an occasional kick in the ass from time to time. Being a part of Twelve Mavens will light a fire that gives you added energy and motivation.

Plan with Clear Strategy

It's not about planning a "pretty good" year. It's about planning out your best year, with great detail, specificity and actionable next steps.

Our members are primarily running $5M-$100M companies
Tell us more about your business and learn more about coming to a first meeting risk free.

If you don't like it, it costs you nothing.

If at the end of your first meeting you don't think it was extremely helpful, just let us know and we'll refund the full amount back to you, so you have no risk at all.

“The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know.”

~ Albert Einstein

"My membership has been invaluable, and I am now having my most profitable year ever while working substantially fewer hours."

Kevin H.

“I thought there was a terrific exchange of ideas and concepts and believe that was one amazing group of people.”
Ken M.

“The meeting was awesome. Great people and great conversation.

I definitely got a lot of value out of it."

Joe V.

“It has been a rewarding experience for me to spend time around so many strong people since I have joined." 

Tony R.

"The other owners in this group are super successful and the conversations are dynamic. The guests are also top notch.”

Jesse F."