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Twelve Mavens is a Community of Entrepreneurs and CEOs

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Take a look at what you’ll learn and how you'll get a massive return
More planning. More Growth. More Time.

  • This is a highly interactive event where we take small blocks of time to help you figure out exact strategies and tactics to implement in the coming year. You'll leave with pages full of notes detailing specifically what you are going to do and when.
  • If we just handed you the workbook that all attendees get, there's a good chance you'd never take the time to sit still and go through everything. As entrepreneurs, we're just not quite wired that way. This is your chance to physically get away from your office, surround yourself with other entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners, and look at your business from 30,000 ft up and create your detailed plan of attack for the year ahead. 
  • Disconnect from the world for an entire day in a virtual ballroom full of fellow entrepreneurs and CEOs.

  • Network with, get advice from and interact with insanely successful entrepreneur presenters who will help you finally take your business to the next level once and for all.
  • Past surprise presenters have included one entrepreneur who went from $3M to $50M, 2 brothers who grew their business from 3 people to 600, an entrepreneur who went from 1 helper to 1,500 employees and an entrepreneur who's business went from one store at a mall to a valuation of $3Billion! This year we may have moved the bar even higher!
  • The presenters are NOT professional speakers. They are actual entrepreneurs and CEOs who have already slayed the dragon and are willing to tell you exactly how they did it, so you can leverage their lessons learned and model exactly what they did. Success leaves clues. You will want to be in the virtual room with these guys and hear them lay it all out for you.

  • Imagine a speed dating event, only you do rapid fire brainstorming instead. Share a current frustration, issue or idea and have multiple other business owners give you rapid fire feedback and suggestions.
  • Quickly get multiple different perspectives from other business owners, entrepreneurs and CEOs about how to solve issues and enhance raw ideas that will get the outcome you are wanting.

  • This is not one of those networking events where everyone is a sales rep trying to sell to each other. This is a virtual room full of entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs exclusively.
  • The price of admission is a filter that separates the tire kickers and the wannabees from the serious entrepreneurs who are hell-bent on growing and taking action. You want to meet these people. They are the top 1% of our community.

  • Network with other fast-growing companies' founders and CEOs, get re-inspired, create a clear vision, get more clarity about your top business opportunities, be forced to stop and think, learn new ways to be able to take more time off and on and on...
  • Plan The Attack is not just about architecting more revenue, it's also about designing a better quality of life as a business leader. You'll create a plan that gives you more time freedom.
  • Location: Online, so you can do all of this in your PJs with no shoes on. Everyone else is only dressed up from the waist up too!  :-)
  • No hotels, no flights needed... Save the money this year and still get all of the same massive value, insights, planning, new ideas and new connections!
  • The event will include 2 days of roughly 3.5-hour sessions each.
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